Arman Dorin Poya Company

Arman Dorrin Pouya Company began its activities in the field of importing dental products in 2016 in Tehran. Today, the company with establishment of branches throughout Iran, has developed its activities.
Arman group is committed to superiority in supplying high-quality dental products in different fields.
Our group with a history of cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers as well as skilled and experienced human resources, has been striving to meet the needs of respectable dental community of Iran.

شرکت آرمان درین پویا فعالیت خود را در زمینه واردات محصولات دندانپزشکی در سال 1395 در تهران آغاز کرد. امروزه این شرکت با ایجاد شعبه در سراسر ایران فعالیت خود را توسعه داده است.
گروه آرمان متعهد به برتری در عرضه محصولات دندانپزشکی باکیفیت در زمینه های مختلف می باشد.
گروه ما با سابقه همکاری با تولیدکنندگان مطرح دنیا و همچنین نیروی انسانی ماهر و مجرب در تلاش بوده تا نیاز جامعه محترم دندانپزشکی ایران را برآورده سازد.

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Arman Dorin Poya Company

About Arman Derin Poya Company (Arman Implant) started its activity in the field of importing dental products in 2015 in Tehran. Today, this company has developed its activities by establishing branches all over Iran. Arman Implant Group is committed to excellence in the supply of high-quality dental products in various fields. About Arman Darin Poya company by providing scientific and supply solutions helps the medical community of Iran so that they can safely provide better quality services.

درباره آرمان ایمپلنت

Arman Dental; CIS Korean implant representative

Our group, with a history of cooperation with world-renowned manufacturers as well as skilled and experienced human resources, has been trying to meet the needs of the respected Iranian dental community. CIS chaorum and KeraOs brands are among the prominent dental implant brands that Arman Implant cooperates with and are the official sales representatives of CIS Korean implants. Of course, Arman’s Korean implants, along with the reasonable price, have a high success rate.

Mission of Arman Dorin Poya

About Arman Dorin Pooya’s mission is to help dentists improve the quality of their services in medical centers by providing quality products approved by legal authorities. Also, in order to improve the knowledge level of dentists and get more familiar with CIS Korean implants, Arman Dental conducts dental implant training courses in the country.

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