Arman Dorin Pooya Company started its activity in the field of importing dental products in 2015 with the aim of raising the level of oral and dental health in Iran by creating self-sufficiency and expanding the product portfolio in Tehran.

Arman Group is committed to providing high-quality dental implant products, and with a history of cooperation with world-renowned manufacturers as well as skilled and experienced human resources, it has been trying to meet the needs of the esteemed Iranian dental community.

Happiness – Commitment – Support

  • Gaining the position of the most reliable commercial company providing quality goods and services in line with satisfaction (happiness) and supporting the dental community.
  • Establishment and expansion of branches and presence of the company in the centers of the provinces for easy access and providing timely services
  • In order to protect the rights of the citizens, the company undertakes to provide the parts and consumer goods of the customers at the highest quality level and according to the standards governing the medical treatment services and provide them to the applicants.
  • Presenting the products of the implant and cosmetic dental product group, committed to providing products and services with minimal complications for consumers and the environment.
  • Holding specialized training courses in the field of dentistry
  • Providing distinctive services and professional logistics
  • Good reputation, patronage, honesty and satisfaction of the beneficiaries
  • Using a young, committed, ethical, knowledgeable and persistent workforce
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